Himalayan salt lamp 

When my clients ask me about the peaceful and healing energy in my massage room I always say I strongly believe that one of the elements is the Himalayan salt lamp. Here is an interesting article about it.  http://www.davidwolfe.com/how-salt-lamps-improve-mental-clarity-and-sleep-cycles/

Massage Therapy For Kids


Can you tell how passionate they are?
If you are parents of kids that love sports, you know how many pains they hide while playing. They, most likely, reveal their secret injuries close to midnight, just like my own son you can see in this picture.

So, what do we do about it?
Can you believe that Massage Therapy was the first thing that my incredible Physiotherapist recommended for my son, along with Physiotherapy?
Now you know that my care for your kids will be absolute.
🙂 I know how does it feel to be in your shoes.



I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your calls and emails! 🙂 They confirm that our therapeutic relationship is an amazing Two-Way Relationship.
Some of you sent me great feedback, some asked my expert advice in moment of distress, some sent me a short “Thank You” note, some called to ask permission to give my information to someone that you care about, some
worked passionately to create my logo, some gave me business ideas on how to market myself, some gave me information on how to expand my knowledge (because
you know how much I care and want to help the best I possibly can), some of you help me at work, some think of our treatment room each time you see something
that might help our work together. (e.g. massage table, supplies, environment, tools and much more) I am humbled by your sincere care; in fact, I am speechless. There is no greater reward than working together with such amazing people! I give heartfelt thanks for you, I am honored and I send my hope and faith that you are as great as receivers as you are as givers! Because of you, I am compelled to become better every day! Stay BLESSED, feel LOVED and be WELL!

MELT Method


Yeey, I am very excited to let you know that I am now a certified MELT Hand and Foot Instructor and I can’t wait to help you get rid of your chronic pain for good.
The MELT Method is The NEW Art of Self Care is created by Sue Hitzmann
If you did not get the chance to see her on
The Dr. Oz Show yet,
I recommend you to take a look. It is amazing!
Half way through the course, after only two full treatments of Foot MELT, which was only 5 minutes each by the way, I started to feel my left foot, leg and hip, which were numb for over 6 months.
I am a convicted believer as both Therapist and Patient


PictureAfter Massage

If your last massage experience was like in this picture you did
great, but as you can see, that happened way too long ago 🙂
Too many people allow year after year passing, and not having such a healthy and beneficial experience because of the misconceptions, lack of information and misleading environment. You on the other hand have the chance to get informed, make your own choices and eventually lead by example!
Be in touch with your Massage Therapist even when you are away…here:


Massage Therapy Contraindications

I need to underline the importance of seriously considering the contraindications for massage therapy.
Numerous times I warned my clients about the risk of delaying the healing process or even aggravating their health if they receive massage when having a cold or a virus. Rarely my clients accepted to leave my clinic and return only when well. Rarely those that received a treatment did not get back to acute stage of a cold or a virus. Sadly one of my clients had to go to ER the next day.
Please inform your therapists ahead of time if you are sick and decide together with them if you should reschedule your treatment. Please accept  that we are also responsible and it is within our scope of practice to make the best judgement in the long run.
Example of conditions that are temporary contraindications for massage therapy:
Contact Dermatitis (if widespread)
Diarrhea (if due to infection)
German Measles
Gout (during acute phase)
High Blood Pressure
(unless controlled by medication, diet or exercise)
Influenza (the flu) or other virus
Lupus (during a flare-up)

Did you know?

One important benefit of Massage Therapy in Canada is the access that a health care professional has to your skin. In our society, with our rules, norms and laws, one of the most important organs of our body must stay hidden from most assessment. The few health care professionals that have more access to your skin
are the Dermatologists and the Massage Therapists. Your skin is the map of your health.
Your skin temperature, tone, tenderness, texture, color, discoloration, pliability, elasticity, and everything that grows underneath, within or on top of the skin is important from a health perspective.
We are the first ones to ring the alarm bell in case something is not right. Prevention is better than cure. Please be well!

My favorite fittness ~ GYROTONIC

As your RMT, I made the commitment to lead by example
and to get in shape so that I can work with you as long as possible.
So far I lost some excess weight, gained some strength and endurance,
and I am continuously working on improving my body, mind and soul. 🙂
These are some of the highly qualified people that work with me. I am amazed by them.

Cold seasons need even more boost of happiness!

Woman thyroid gland control

Woman thyroid gland control

August 29th, 2012


“Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


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