Just done it


Imagine “wearing” these words and knowing that they are true. Whatever that may be, that you want to be able to say you “just done it”, if it is being true to yourself and in line with a godly character, it is worth doing it.
This morning, I was enjoying my freedom in the company of a great book and a cup of espresso when I saw a gentleman dismounting his bicycle. His T-shirt intrigued me because these words: “Just done it Kilimanjaro Tanzania”
I felt compelled to ask him if he really done it. He answered with true joy on his face “Yes, done it twice. You should try it too; it is an amazing experience” I can’t agree less. Africa, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro??? Wow!
Whatever that “mountain” might be for you, please think about the amazing journey and the feeling of being able to say at the end: “Just done it!”
“Commitment requires faith. You must not only have faith in God, but faith in the person who God has made you to be” Cindy Trimm

Simple acts of Self-Care

Your own body is your best doctor; just pay attention!
There are so many ways in which your body tells you exactly what to do.
Are you tired? Rest! 5 Minutes counts too!
Are you thirsty? Start sipping water, every 5 to 10 minutes.
Do you need a visit to the bathroom? Take a short break and go.

Your mind needs a break? Leave the cell phone on your desk and go for a walk in the park.

If you need help, go and search until you find a Doctor or a Therapist that really cares and listens.
Don’t give up on yourself!

I wish you WELL!


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