Just done it


Imagine “wearing” these words and knowing that they are true. Whatever that may be, that you want to be able to say you “just done it”, if it is being true to yourself and in line with a godly character, it is worth doing it.
This morning, I was enjoying my freedom in the company of a great book and a cup of espresso when I saw a gentleman dismounting his bicycle. His T-shirt intrigued me because these words: “Just done it Kilimanjaro Tanzania”
I felt compelled to ask him if he really done it. He answered with true joy on his face “Yes, done it twice. You should try it too; it is an amazing experience” I can’t agree less. Africa, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro??? Wow!
Whatever that “mountain” might be for you, please think about the amazing journey and the feeling of being able to say at the end: “Just done it!”
“Commitment requires faith. You must not only have faith in God, but faith in the person who God has made you to be” Cindy Trimm

Massage therapy & Thyroid health

Thyroid gland seems to be one of the most important regulator of our health. Therefore a healthy thyroid benefits our total health. Our responsibility as Massage Therapists is to think and treat holistically. Here is an interesting read for us and our clients. Once again ¬†Massage Therapy is not a tool to fix muscles and joints only. ūüôā
Importance of Thyroid Health

Importance of Thyroid Health


Himalayan salt lamp 

When my clients ask me about the peaceful and healing energy in my massage room I always say I strongly believe that one of the elements is the Himalayan salt lamp. Here is an interesting article about it.  http://www.davidwolfe.com/how-salt-lamps-improve-mental-clarity-and-sleep-cycles/

Prepare your child’s return to school

Child Massage by Jessica Schiewe, RMT

“Over the years, and as we get older, our priorities and stressors change. We tend to forget what it‚Äôs like being a kid. We worry about mortgages, groceries and transportation. Stresses we had as children and teenagers seem so insignificant in comparison. We forget (maybe on purpose!) that the pressures from ‚Äď school, other kids, our embarrassing body changes, sports ‚Äď are just as real and important. Big changes, which happen all the time in their lives, can affect their bodies‚Äô behaviours and function. Massage can decrease stress by relaxing their bodies in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. It provides support and compassionate touch that reduces the frustration, isolation and anxiety that are a very real part of growing up.

The obvious benefits of getting your child massaged include relaxation, lower anxiety levels and increased clarity. Plus there are a number of lesser known benefits. For example, massage increases circulation. This improves immune function and promotes healing so when a child falls and scrapes their knee, good circulation brings nutritional and metabolic factors to heal the wound faster and decreases the chances of scarring.

Generalized therapeutic approach seems to have a normalizing effect on the body’s energetic processes. Sleep, mood and a balanced energy level can help increase attentiveness and learning, which has positive implications for those with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivities or learning disabilities. Massage helps to alleviate musculoskeletal pain and supports effective breathing and digestion. It can improve grip strength, functional activities, positive mood, self-esteem and body image. Therapeutic massage plays an important role in prevention programs by providing a natural mechanism for stimulating the body to adjust to the stress of daily life and restore natural homeostatic balance.  

Reasons to treat:           ADD/ADHD

                                    Sleeping disorders

                                    Digestive disorders


                                    Minor injuries


                                    MVA-motor vehicle accident

                                    Growing pains

                                    Cerebral Palsy

                                    Muscular Dystophies

During childhood, bones throughout the body grow in thickness and length. The site of lengthwise growth is the epiphyseal plate in long bones (femur, tibia, humerus, etc.). This site ossifies (hardens) by the ages of 18 to 25 years.

From age 3 to puberty the physical growth is mostly in height. Height accelerates under the influence of increased hormone levels. Both physical and emotional pains are common. Growing with muscle dysfunctions like bowleg or knock-knee can be addressed before the bones become rigid and create future problems like osteoarthritis in the knee joints or hip dysfunctions.

Long bones grow more rapidly than the muscle tissue, resulting in a pull on the periosteum (the protective bone covering that is a very pain-sensitive structure). This causes growing pains. Massage can help by gently lengthening the muscles, stretching the connective tissue and providing symptomatic relief of pain.

Circulation is important to carry the nutrition in the blood that’s essential for bone growth, body repairs and overall health of all body tissues. Throughout childhood, the control of skeletal muscle by the nervous system becomes more and more precise. By mid-adolescence, we have reached the peak level of development of this natural control and can simply accept it or bring it to a fine edge with athletic training.

Mechanical stress on bone results from the pull of skeletal muscle and the pull of gravity. Muscles that do not regenerate properly can create fibrosis (scarring). Skeletal muscle activity maintains bone health and strength because of the rich blood supply.

Muscles, like bones, will atrophy if they are not used continually, so a lifelong program of exercise keeps the body operating at its peak potential. Adolescents should engage in regular weight-bearing activity prior to the closure of the epiphyseal plates (within the individual bones) to help build total mass before their inevitable reduction with aging.

Bringing children in for periodic massages gives the parent an opportunity to promote a healthy and balanced life. Considering attention spans and smaller bodies, 30 minute appointments are recommended for children under the age of 12. Massage is a great way teach good touch (vs. bad touch) and allows him or her to be confident in making their own decisions about their boundaries. Kids are given options for different ways that the massage can be performed. This allows them to trust their choices about what they are comfortable with and teaches body awareness.

Massage enhances and improves the physical health of your child by positively affecting the nervous, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. It also contributes to the mental health of your child by helping to alleviate some of the stresses associated with childhood and adolescence that we all too often forget.”¬†

“The Secret Life of Fascia”

Many of you who know me, heard me over and over again pointing towards this mysterious link called fascia, or to name the bigger system that contains it,  Connective Tissue System.

Here is a very interesting article that might teas your curiosity. I hope you will enjoy reading and hope it will open a new perspective about your wellness.


True Rehab Massage has a new home!

New Home of TrueRehab Massage

New Home of TrueRehab Massage

201 Consumers Road Suite 300A

I am truly grateful for all the health professionals that shared their space with me and allowed me to grow along with them, until the moment when we had to go separate ways because of our different goals.

I am even more grateful for the wonderful clients that trusted me over the last 7 years and followed me whenever I had to relocate.

Not even for a second did I think or dream that this year I will open the doors of my own clinic.

On the 7th day of the 7th month of the 47th year of my life I’ve been blessed to be able to sign the very first lease agreement for a commercial space.  From the moment I shook hands, a month before, with Mr. Brandon Reid, a wonderfully helpful CBRE Sales Representative, I felt a really good vibe about it.  As soon as we entered Suite 300 A, I knew it in my heart that this was the space I wanted to rent. There was something amazing about the energy of this place that I could feel instantly.

Is been one month since I started to work here, and I am in love with this area more and more every day. I love my twelve minutes walks between home and clinic.  I feel so blessed to live and work in the same neighborhood.

The very first new client of my new location, returned for another treatment today.  Yeeey! J

At the end of today‚Äôs session, when I asked him if the treatment met his expectations, he simply answered: “This was good, man!”

I thought I should write this blog to let you, my neighbors, know that I exist, I care about my clients and I am passionate about my profession.

If you like the simple things and the joy they bring, I believe you will enjoy the peace of this little forgotten sanctuary.

Quick MELT morning workout

Massage Therapy For Kids


Can you tell how passionate they are?
If you are parents of kids that love sports, you know how many pains they hide while playing. They, most likely, reveal their secret injuries close to midnight, just like my own son you can see in this picture.

So, what do we do about it?
Can you believe that Massage Therapy was the first thing that my incredible Physiotherapist recommended for my son, along with Physiotherapy?
Now you know that my care for your kids will be absolute.
ūüôā I know how does it feel to be in your shoes.



I can‚Äôt begin to tell you how much I appreciate your calls and emails!¬†ūüôā They confirm that our therapeutic relationship is an amazing Two-Way Relationship.
Some of you sent me great feedback, some asked my expert advice in moment of distress, some sent me a short “Thank You” note, some called to ask permission to give my information to someone that you care about, some
worked passionately to create my logo, some gave me business ideas on how to market myself, some gave me information on how to expand my knowledge (because
you know how much I care and want to help the best I possibly can), some of you help me at work, some think of our treatment room each time you see something
that might help our work together. (e.g. massage table, supplies, environment, tools and much more) I am humbled by your sincere care; in fact, I am speechless. There is no greater reward than working together with such amazing people! I give heartfelt thanks for you, I am honored and I send my hope and faith that you are as great as receivers as you are as givers! Because of you, I am compelled to become better every day! Stay BLESSED, feel LOVED and be WELL!

MELT Method


Yeey, I am very excited to let you know that I am now a certified MELT Hand and Foot Instructor and I can’t wait to help you¬†get rid of your¬†chronic pain for good.
The MELT Method is The NEW Art of Self Care is created by Sue Hitzmann
If you did not get the chance to see her on
The Dr. Oz Show yet,
I recommend you to take a look. It is amazing!
Half way through the course, after only two full treatments of Foot MELT, which was only 5 minutes each by the way, I started to feel my left foot, leg and hip, which were numb for over 6 months.
I am a convicted believer as both Therapist and Patient


Clinic Hours

Weekdays:¬†8:30 am –¬†8:30 pm
Saturday :  Closed
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